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Thank you for visiting. Do you have a child struggling in reading, writing, spelling, math, or study skills? Then you have landed in the right spot. Jana Pappas is a highly educated and experienced teacher with a passion for working with K-5 students.


Jana Pappas MEd, CLAD 

Friendly, knowledgable, and passionate, Jana Pappas is a respected multi-sensory educator in the East Bay area. She has a Masters in Education, a current CLAD teaching credential, and has a passion for helping students that are struggling and have different learning styles. Mrs. Pappas uses All About Spelling, Reading, and a variety of math strategies to scaffold student learning in Common Core math.


"Ever since we started with Jana, my son has not only improved in school, but also in his self-esteem. Jana helps my son, but she helps me too! She has guided me in the right direction for getting my son tested. Jana also helped me write a letter to the school to request a 504 plan."

"My son says Mrs. Pappas is the best! she is kind, funny and she really "gets" me.  Mrs. Pappas makes learning fun!"

Lauren and Eli Steers


" Our daughter improved in areas that she was lacking, her teacher noticed the difference with tutoring immediately.  Also, our child really enjoys her sessions with Mrs. Pappas!"

Gina Medina


"For years I noticed a difference in my child's writing. I knew something was not right.  Her teachers always said she wasn't applying herself or needed to focus more.  It wasn't until late in her fourth grade year that I connected with Jana and discovered she had mild dyslexia.  Jana recommended where to get my child tested and pointed me on the right path for a 504.  These are the students who fall through the cracks in school because their processing issues are not severe or profound. My child began tutoring with Jana and things turned around.  She was improving in writing and spelling and she gained so much confidence.  Jana has incredible patience and knows exactly how to encourage and praise.  My child feels so safe and comfortable to be herself with Jana.   I am pleased to say that my child is now a straight A student in middle school!" - Julia, Parent


2018-2019 Classes and Tutoring Schedule


Summer 2019 Writing


This is a 6 week class for students to learn how to organize a proper paragraph. Students will write several 3 paragraph essays on a particular topics.

Summer 2019 Reading and Spelling

2-3 Grade Multi-Sensory Reading and Spelling

This is an 18 session class held over 6 weeks, explicitly covering most phonemes and syllabication rules. This will give your child a very strong start for the new school year!

2018-2019 Tuesday Full Day Classes

Elementary Reading and Math

4.5 hour day using a multi-sensory approach to teaching 2 subjects.

2018-2019 Wednesday Full Day Classes

Elementary Spelling and Writing

4.5 hour day using a multi-sensory approach to teaching 2 subjects.

2018-2019 Thursday Full Day Classes

History/Art and Science/PE

4.5 hour day using a multi-sensory approach to teaching 2 subjects.

Chemistry Students

Private Tutoring Sessions

Satisfaction Guaranteed

One on one teaching time to scaffold a student's learning, study for tests, or complete homework.

I would love to meet you and your student! Please contact me today.

What parents and students say...


"Jana takes learning styles into consideration.  She taught my son his multiplication facts within two sessions."

Lauren Steers

Mrs. Pappas has worked with our son for 2 1/2 years. She is very dedicated and knowledgeable in all subjects. We have been grateful to have someone who is sincere, exudes a lot of patience, and is able to use material that keeps learning fun and engaging.

Cristal Gahagan

"Jana is warm, caring and really cares about all her students, I love coming to see her, even on Saturdays!"

5th Grade Student

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